Featured: Alaska Series

Purchased from the Russians in 1867 for $7.2 million, Alaska is the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. Driving through its roads alongside cold glacier streams and snow-capped mountainous surroundings, you get an overwhelming sense of adventure. This is a photo series of our Alaskan trip.

Design and Structures

Abstract, structure and design photography highlights the aesthetically pleasing structures and designs that surround us in our everyday world, which we would usually just walk past without notice

Tips and Advice

There are tons of blogs, videos and social streams full of advice and tips on photography. In an attempt to avoid adding to the noise, here are a few quick, snappy tips

Inspirational Photographers

When looking at the work of those who inspire you, its funny how it makes you feel both inadequate and at the same time motivated, to be better

Camera Gear

Digital photography is certainly not a cheap hobby. Although its not all about the gear, it makes life easier having the right equipment

Street Photography

For the street photographer, there is no specific subject matter, only the issue of life in general. In a candid, unobtrusive way, I have tried to do just that, document people doing life

Travel Photography

Traveling to remote destinations via helicopter or plane, hiking over mountains or through forests has its allure, but is hard work and often accompanied by a degree of inconvenience