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Alaska Series


The abundance and variety of wildlife in Alaska was refreshing to see. Some of the common daily sightings included porcupines, sea otters, moose, mountain goats, puffins, loads of eagles, and of course, bears.

Seeing grizzly bears up and close for the first time was fascinating. Watching them roam the beach and dig for clams, I was amazed by their extraordinary sense of smell.

To give you an idea, I'm told that a dog's sense of smell is about 7 times better than that of a human's, and a bloodhound's sense of smell is about 3 times better than your average dog. Now the impressive part. A bears sense of smell is 10 times better than that of a bloodhounds.

I don't know how one measures or knows that, but I do know that their sense of smell is flippin incredible.