Inspirational Photographers

When viewing the work of those who inspire you, its funny how it makes you feel both inadequate and at the same time motivated, to be better. Here are a few photographers I find inspirational:

Jon Reid - I think Jon's work is world class and contains some of the best travel and architectural photography I’ve seen. He is well travelled, and always has great stories about the places he's been. His blog is definitely worth subscribing to. Jon is also big on video. He travels around the world filming stunning locations for Expedia.

Joe McNally - Joe has been photographing for more than 50 years, and has worked for places like National Geographic, Life, Time and Sports Illustrated. Joe is notoriously known for his work with speedlights and has a few good books out there. I particularly enjoyed his "Hot Shoe Diaries" and "Sketching Light". I've been inspired by Joe's lighting and problem solving techniques. Joe also has a great sense of humor and is a great communicator.

Gus Powell - I don't know a great deal about Gus, other than he is based in New York and that he has an exceptionally great eye for street photography. I find myself intrigued by his work. Most of his images are thought provoking, and you can't help but spend a minute or two on some photos as you flick through his work.

Zack Arias - I like the way Zack just tells it like it is. I've seen a number of videos where he offers good, practical advice that you can apply straight away. If you look at his work, it won't take you long to see that he has a way with people that allows them to be themselves in front of the camera.

Jeremy Cowart - Jeremy is an artist as well as a photographer and you can see that artistic creativity in his photos. His work is comprised of celebrities, yet he comes across as a cool, laid back, down to earth guy, who seems to always have interesting projects on the go.

Ed Peers - Ed is a London wedding photographer, amazing guitarist, and has an incredible eye for detail. When you look at his work you notice how each image contributes to the story of "the wedding day". The kind of thing you would want in a wedding photographer. His style lends itself well to wedding photography.